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Private Pressing

OUT NOV 25, 2022 

Pressed on 140g White Vinyl
Includes OBI Strip
Manufactured using recycled material

"A Thousand Hearts is a body of work that is very dear to me, it's an album that embraces the age old tale of a small town kid in the big city, set within the walls of an unpredictable and volatile country. I am immensely grateful and overjoyed for this record to have found the most perfect home with Bella Union"

Relocated from Durban to Simon’s Town, Cape Town, Wren Hinds recorded his second album in 2018. A small-town kid in a big city, he channelled his sense of displacement into a fluent range of songs, linked by a feeling for place and space. Drawn from a poem by his uncle Keith Erasmus, the lovelorn waltz of ‘Sadness in the Wind’ is a beatific stand-out, Wren evoking Karen Dalton in his wavering, multi-tracked voice. Elsewhere, an ear for layered details and discreet tonal shifts asserts itself. On ‘Run’, a piano and a finger-picked guitar share mutually supportive space. On ‘Lights’, the guitar displays just a hint of swagger. Meanwhile, also drawing on Erasmus’s poetry, the title-track’s wonky ballroom lament sums up the album at a soothing stroke: “There’s beauty in the sadness, and there’s beauty in the pain/ And in the melancholic madness and its bittersweet refrain.” Wherever you listen, essentially.

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